April 11, 2018

All QuickBooks Integration Solution with Salesforce through InterWeave

“I am the owner of a small business in need of pushing data from QBO to SF. I researched for months, tried 3 other options (Breadwinner, Zapier, DBSync) and was utterly frustrated at the price and features. Interweave carefully listened and created a custom implementation plan at no extra cost. They met every milestone during the implementation process and exceeded my expectations along the way. I even received one-on-one training on their backend services to empower me the knowledge on how to troubleshoot if/when I have a problem or want to adjust things. I am 5 months into using them and HIGHLY recommend. 5-Stars!!!!”

Greg Johnson from AnyLabNow

November 10, 2017

InterWeave Smart Solutions – Configurable QuickBooks Integration Solution for Salesforce(FieldBuddy) and QuickBooks.

“My name is Sam Tang of Paragon Security NYC. We’re a small Locksmith and Security company for which I am Accounts Receivable and Systems Admin. Integration between Salesforce and QuickBooks supports the majority of my responsibilities and if InterWeave isn’t working I can’t work. That said, I love InterWeave and their team. The systems are very reliable and if there is any troubleshooting necessary the support articles in place are excellent resources to utilize. The staff is fantastic; Alex and Dmytro are great to work with and take a lot of time to help me understand what’s happening or resolve situations. They’re great about coming up with ways for us to grow our systems and processes. Bruce is also wonderful; highly responsive and incredibly helpful. https://paragonsecurityny.com/ This group is a 5 out of 5.”

Sam Tang from Paragon Security NYC

January 12, 2018

Alexander and Dmytro,

“I am the IT manager of Saratech and wanted to express my thanks for your phenomenal support over this last year. I think it goes without saying you have gone above and beyond to quickly respond to our issues and do your best to get it solved. Despite our frustrations with some of our issues, you both have won us as a customer for life. I’m not sure where we stand with our current problems, but I have heard nothing but praise from my team and finance about how helpful and patient you have been throughout the last year. I know we picked the right vendor for this function of our business and I hope we have not caused too much headaches on your end.”

Best Regards,
Dustin Mayfield

Saratech – Thank you for your support

November 16, 2017

Dear Bruce and Dmytro,
A MILLION THANKS for your excellent work! You are the best!

I will monitor the transactions for the next four or five days as you suggested. Alexander will send me information regarding the ticket I am to create for the next step.
At some point in the future, we will work on the third item below, there is no rush on it. You will send me an invoice for the 2018 license and proceed to download the new edition of QB. If I have missed something, please let me know.

Again, thank you for ten years of being The Best Company to work with!

DeepVac, Inc.

Jane Gyorgy – DeepVac

September 13, 2016

Great Integration Between Salesforce.com and their 6 QuickBooks Company files (in real-time)

“I couldn’t imagine how we’d be able to handle the workload without InterWeave unless we hired more staff. That’s not what we need. Every dollar we save on operations can be spent on supporting young athletes strengthen their skills and improving the baseball training experience. With limited resources, All-Star Baseball relies heavily on InterWeave’s Solutions to integrate their Salesforce with six (6) QuickBooks files in real-time. Less errors and greater operational efficiency means they focus on the business of creating great athletes. “As we grew and extended our business offerings, we also add more QuickBooks files. Managing these became an operational nightmare,” stated Dan Blake, Operations Manager at ASBA. We needed a more robust, integration solution that met our needs.”

This group is a 5 out of 5.

Dan Blake, All-Star Baseball

All-Star Baseball Academy